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Types and Sizes of Charter Motor Boats - Differences

Motor Boats Charter types

Types of Motor Boats Charter

There are three types of charter motor boats: Hardtop yachts, Flybridge and Open Type boats. The main characteristics of those types of yachts are the following:

Hardtop yacht

Provides great protection in rough weather and minimizes exposure to sun. A fixed hardtop with side windows and tempered glass ceilings and electrical sliding roof add up to sailing comfort.

Flybridge yacht

Provides great visibility from the cockpit, usually equipped with all navigation controls. It can be divided into more levels, each with a different function.

Open type yacht

Open cockpit and a new kind of hull in order to reduce resistance when moving through the water.


Motor boats design and size

The Importance of Design and Size of Motor Boats

Most commonly recommended charter motor boats are larger models, however, they are difficult to maneuver. Charter motor boats over 16 meters in length need to be fully crewed and are equipped with latest technology and additional equipment while those from 14-16 m are recommended because they are comfortable and usually have 2-4 cabins. Motor boats between 12 and 14 m provide accommodation in 2-3 cabins and are a great choice for a cruise for up to 6 passengers. Motor boats option between 10 and 12 m are perfect for shorter cruises having 2-3 cabins for up to six passengers and boats under 10 m are available for bareboat charter and are excellent for various water sport activities.

More information on motor yacht types

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